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Heres what we do . . .

Soapbox Racing

Things Posted on Tue, March 09, 2010 20:34:59

A project whilst at uni.


Things Posted on Tue, March 09, 2010 20:25:23

Some pictures from the archives.

Tees & Hoodies

Things Posted on Tue, March 09, 2010 20:19:05

Just ideas – want one?

FP Stock Frame

Things Posted on Tue, March 09, 2010 20:18:06

FP Stock frame, built up into Mike Singletons rather pimp ride.

We keep this thing quiet . .

Things Posted on Tue, March 09, 2010 20:05:36

Brake Levers

Things Posted on Tue, March 09, 2010 19:58:25

2 years, endless prototypes, continual testing and many hours in the workshop and we arrive here, with the final product.

The Fresh Products Brake Lever has been designed around the Magura HS33 braking system and aims to improve comfort and performance. Common problems with Magura Levers have been addressed in our design, with a simple design of TPA and use of quality materials.

N.B. – During the time of developing this product, Magura have brought out a new version of there HS33 brake. Please note that this lever will not work on it and is only suitable for pre-2005 models.

* Comfortable feel, due to being designed with single finger braking intended.
* Slightly longer then standard which helps to improve the braking power.
* Stainless steel TPA, machined with sculpted end and plenty of adjustment.
* Waterjet cut & machined from HE30 aluminium in house.
* Brass barrel to hold the TPA securly in place.
* Brass barrel inserts to resist wear and slack feel where the lever bolts to the body.
* Stainless steel lever reach adjusment screw to allow personal setup.
* Symmetrical design allows the same lever to be run on either the left or right.
* Material minimised around finger to create a lighter feel.
* Anodised black finish.
* Price £31 (+£2 p&p)

To order, email

FP Two Four Frames

Things Posted on Tue, March 09, 2010 19:50:02

> The story goes . . .

I was at university, rarely with any cash in my wallet. My frame snaps, what do i do? With no money to buy a frame, I source some material and get busy for a few days. The result – a tidy looking frame, to my specification, which I know is strong and has got me riding again.

Several months on, and the success of this frame has created a small demand in the trials world. So, conceding to the pressure, production begins . . .

The FP Two Four trials frame is designed predominantly for street riding, using 24 inch wheels, as the name suggests. This new trend in the trials world often sees riders being more creative with technical moves, so a smaller, more flickable bike is prefered.

Wheelbase -1030mm
Chainstay – 380mm
BB Height – +25mm
Head Angle – 72°

This is what we feel works best for the FP Two Four frame geometry wise, but should be used as a guide only, as everything can be adjusted to personal requirements.

All frames are designed and built in house, using the simple, yet very strong twin triangle design. Geometry options are endless, from short mod frames, to long and low stock frames, our jig can cater for all.

The material used is T45 Steel, inherentaly strong and nice to work with. Strengthed where required with gussets that are designed for the job, around the headtube and chainstays areas. All frames feature cross braces on chainstays/seatstays to increase rigidity and try to combat the frame flexing caused by powerful brakes.

All tubes are cut by hand to fit one another perfectly, before the brazing process begins. Tubes that dont fit,end up in the scrap bin! All frames are powdercoated to the customers specific colour choice, with decals applied afterwards.

To view some build examples of our frames, view below.

*Handbuilt frames built in T45 with brazed joints.
*Simple, yet strong, twin triangle design.
*Custom geometry.
*Machined T45 headtube, with extra material at either end, to prevent head tube flaring.
*BB shells machined to a width of 73mm.
*Stainless steel mech hangers.
*Choice of either horizontal or vertical dropouts, machined in house.
*Choice of cable routing to suit Magura’s, vee’s, gear cables, disks etc.
*Choice of 4-bolt mounts, v-brake mounts, disc mounts etc.
*Gussets located to increase strength at specific joints.
*Frame weight is around 5 – 5 1/2 lbs, depending on individual specifications.
*All frames are powdercoated to the customers specific colour choice.
*In short, you choose what you want, we’ll build it into the frame!
*Price £*** ( + p&p | delivery | collection )

SS Tensioners

Things Posted on Tue, March 09, 2010 19:39:03

Due to constant ammendments to the original version, we decided to totally redesign the SS Tensioner. Thats why it has been unavailable for a little while now, but the new version works much better. New features include 90% more adjusment, compatability with all modern trials frames, higher quality, stronger components and reduced weight, but still with the reassurance of not snapping those mech hangers.

Existing tensioners on the market are relliant on springs to maintain tension. Ours doesn’t. Our tensioner is fixed in place at two points, the rear wheel axle (quick release or fun bolts) and the mech hanger bolt. The slot in the tensioner allows tension to be achieved by pivoting around the rear wheel axle, applying tension either upwards or downwards.

To combat previous problems, heres what we have changed. Increase length to the adjustment slot, meaning a greater arc to tension the slackest of slack chains. Material removed from around the axle hole, to clear areas on CNC dropouts. A more secure fixing to the mech hanger, by the use of a specially machined 15mm stainless steel nut, to prevent stripping when done up tight.

* Main body water cut and machined out of HE30 aluminium.
* Machined M6 Stainless Steel bolts throughout.
* M4 Stainless Steel bolt to attach to mech hanger, via special 15mm aluminium insert nut.
* Machined Nylon Roller (not moulded).
* Rollers house two sealed cartridge bearings.
* Roller is machined to be wide enough to accomodate a KMC Kool BMX Chain.
* Roller sits in the middle of the freehub, allowing use with standard single speed spacers.
* Holes drilled to reduce weight.
* Choice of axles sizes include quick release, bolts, 12mm, or Chris King Fun Bolts.
* Available in raw aluminium finish currently.
* Price £***


Things Posted on Tue, March 09, 2010 19:23:30