2 years, endless prototypes, continual testing and many hours in the workshop and we arrive here, with the final product.

The Fresh Products Brake Lever has been designed around the Magura HS33 braking system and aims to improve comfort and performance. Common problems with Magura Levers have been addressed in our design, with a simple design of TPA and use of quality materials.

N.B. – During the time of developing this product, Magura have brought out a new version of there HS33 brake. Please note that this lever will not work on it and is only suitable for pre-2005 models.

* Comfortable feel, due to being designed with single finger braking intended.
* Slightly longer then standard which helps to improve the braking power.
* Stainless steel TPA, machined with sculpted end and plenty of adjustment.
* Waterjet cut & machined from HE30 aluminium in house.
* Brass barrel to hold the TPA securly in place.
* Brass barrel inserts to resist wear and slack feel where the lever bolts to the body.
* Stainless steel lever reach adjusment screw to allow personal setup.
* Symmetrical design allows the same lever to be run on either the left or right.
* Material minimised around finger to create a lighter feel.
* Anodised black finish.
* Price £31 (+£2 p&p)

To order, email freshproducts@moto-rdesign.com