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Things Posted on Tue, March 09, 2010 19:39:03

Due to constant ammendments to the original version, we decided to totally redesign the SS Tensioner. Thats why it has been unavailable for a little while now, but the new version works much better. New features include 90% more adjusment, compatability with all modern trials frames, higher quality, stronger components and reduced weight, but still with the reassurance of not snapping those mech hangers.

Existing tensioners on the market are relliant on springs to maintain tension. Ours doesn’t. Our tensioner is fixed in place at two points, the rear wheel axle (quick release or fun bolts) and the mech hanger bolt. The slot in the tensioner allows tension to be achieved by pivoting around the rear wheel axle, applying tension either upwards or downwards.

To combat previous problems, heres what we have changed. Increase length to the adjustment slot, meaning a greater arc to tension the slackest of slack chains. Material removed from around the axle hole, to clear areas on CNC dropouts. A more secure fixing to the mech hanger, by the use of a specially machined 15mm stainless steel nut, to prevent stripping when done up tight.

* Main body water cut and machined out of HE30 aluminium.
* Machined M6 Stainless Steel bolts throughout.
* M4 Stainless Steel bolt to attach to mech hanger, via special 15mm aluminium insert nut.
* Machined Nylon Roller (not moulded).
* Rollers house two sealed cartridge bearings.
* Roller is machined to be wide enough to accomodate a KMC Kool BMX Chain.
* Roller sits in the middle of the freehub, allowing use with standard single speed spacers.
* Holes drilled to reduce weight.
* Choice of axles sizes include quick release, bolts, 12mm, or Chris King Fun Bolts.
* Available in raw aluminium finish currently.
* Price £***


Things Posted on Tue, March 09, 2010 19:23:30

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